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Buddhist Teaching Videos of Ajahn Jumnien

Over the years, Ajahn Jamnian has given many Buddhist teachings in the form of Dhamma talks and instruction in the United States, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. Many of the talks given in the U.S. have been preserved as audio recordings. You can find a sampling of these can be found here on our website. You can also find recordings on Dhamma Seed. We are pleased to provide video recordings of Buddhist teachings by Luang por Jumnien here on our website.

We invite you to listen to a sampling of Buddhist teachings by Luang Por Jumnien recorded on video with English translation.

June 10, 2013 Dhamma Talk given by at Ayodhya in Pomona, CA: 01:35:36

Buddhist teaching given by Ajahn Jamnian in 2013. Below, in four parts, are nearly five hours of Dhamma talks given by Luangpor Jumnien at a free daylong buddhist teaching and retreat given in the Los Angeles area in 2013.






June 2015 — Ajahn Jamnian Interview for Thai Television (English Subtitles) –Abridged Version–

An Interview with Ajahn Jamnian for Thai Television where he discusses the reason he carries so much weight and amulets on this body. He also gives a short Dhamma talk about the practice of Vipassana. Interview in Thai with English Subtitles.

June 2015 — Documentary about Ajahn Jamnian for Thai Television (English Subtitles)

A short documentary (19 minutes) for Thai television about Ajahn Jamnian. Includes several interviews with him on various topics and includes short Dhamma talks. Includes an Interview with Ajahn Phra Vuttichai (Phrawoody) about establishing a monastery and retreat center in the Portland Oregon area. In Thai with English Subtitles.

December 4, 2015 Ajahn Jamnian Dhamma Talk Under the Bodhi Tree in Bodhgaya India

Luang Por Jamnian gave a Dhamma talk under the Maha Bodhi tree during the 11th Annual Tipitaka Chanting Ceremony.
Luang Por started with a blessing. The dhamma talk starts at the 3:18 minute mark.

Below is a brief outline of the recording:

00:00:00 – 00:03:18 : Opening Blessing
00:03:18 – 01:15:40 : Dhamma Talk
01:15:41 – 01:23:00 : Blessings
01:23:00 – 01:45:51 : Chantings

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