Ajahn Jamnian Lineage Pacific NW Events

Events Portland Oregon

Luang Por Jamnian will not be traveling to the U.S. in 2017. However, there are events taught by Ajahn Phra Vuttichai (“Phrawoody”), a venerable senior monk in Ajahn Jamnian’s lineage throughout 2017.

Please visit OAOR website for more details about upcoming events. 

ABOUT OAOR Hermitage

Oregon Ariyamagga Okasati Refuge (OAOR) is a monastic hermitage and a teaching center run by monks who are senior students of Ajahn Jamnian.

Address of OAOR:

Oregon Ariyamagga Organization Retreat
25673 SE McNutt Rd
Gresham, OR 97080

Phone: (206) 518-7089



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