About Mahasati Retreat Association

Core Volunteers from the 2012 Olympia Retreat

The Mahasati Retreat Association (formally Sunyata Forest Retreat Association) is a group of over twenty volunteers, in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco Bay area, Southern California, and Houston, Texas, including several monks, who have generously donated time and money to help bring Ajahn Jamnian (Ajahn Jumnien or Ajahn Jumnean) to the United States starting in 2012 and make the retreats in Mt Baldy, CA and Olympia, WA possible. The photo on the right from the 2012 Olympia retreat showing many of the core group of volunteers, in the middle row, most of the attending monastics, and in the front row the two translators.

Mahasati means “great mindfulness” and represents an important part of the Dhamma teachings as taught by Luang Por Jamnian (Luang Por Jumnien) which is the practice of continual mindfulness during every activity.

The Mahasati Retreat Association is organized as a non-profit corporation in the state of Washington for religious purposes. We are governed by an all volunteer five member board of directors from California, Oregon, and Washington. The board seeks and receives guidance and advice from monastics in the Ajahn Jamnian lineage. Mahasati Retreat Association is a  501(c)3 non-profit. All your donations are tax deductible.

If you have any questions about the retreat or organization, please feel free call us or to email us directly or through our contact form

Please Help Make the Retreats Affordable

Please help us make the retreats affordable by donating to Mahasati. We have no paid staff so all of your donation will go toward funding retreat costs, transportation for the monks, scholarships, allowing monastics to attend without charge, as well as funding book publications, and other educational materials.

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