About The Buddhist Retreats

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Welcome! Join us for this rare opportunity to attend buddhist retreats with Ajahn Jamnian (also known as Ajahn Jumnien), a living Buddhist master in the Thai Forest Tradition. There are several Buddhist retreats, day long, and evening events that will be taught by Ajahn Jamnian. Ajahn Jamnian will not be traveling to the U.S. in 2016. Instead, he will be traveling to Australia. Please check back for details about the events in Australia.

For U.S. events with Ajahn Jamnian, please check back in early 2017.

Pacific Northwest Hermitage in Ajahn Jamnian Lineage

In 2016, there will be one day retreats and other events taught by monks in the Ajahn Jamnian lineage at Oregon Ariyamagga Okasati Refuge (OAOR). Please check the OAOR website for more details.

Teaching Style

Ajahn Jamnian teaches in a unique style filled with joy, humor, and lightness of heart. Meditation and mindfulness are often thought of as something we set aside time to do outside of our normal busy routines. However, the peace and calmness experienced during and soon after meditation practice often is overcome by life’s experiences: an angry boss, a traffic jam, or a disagreement.

Ajahn Jamnian encourages us to continuously explore the presence of desire and aversion in the mind. He tells us every situation is an opportunity to practice “steering ourselves back to the Middle Path.” A living meditation practice, in which the development of insight pervades every aspect of our life and not just the hours devoted to meditation, is a “life long process of constant observation and continuous investigation.”

THESE ARE NOT SILENT RETREATS!: Ajahn Jamnian teaches in a dynamic style that will include long periods of instruction (Dhamma talks), and stories. There will be break periods for self-practice.

Ajahn Jamnian practiced and mastered various concentration meditations with well-known masters in Thailand, trained as a shaman and healer, traveled as a wandering ascetic, and became a master of intensive insight meditation. As a teacher, he is extremely open and makes use of many methods. Yet no matter what technique is developed, he eventually directs the student back to the insight practice of seeing the true nature of their own body-mind process with compassion and freedom of heart. He invites all who come to discover the liberation of the Buddha here and now in their own true nature.


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